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Have camera, will travel!

About me…

I became interested in photography at a young age (before digital cameras!!) when my dad taught me how to use his old 1970’s Fujica SLR. He lugged that camera around Asia and Australia back in the day and now my goal is to show Ol’ Fuji the rest of the continents! I’m getting there slowly, having spent a year in Europe and a good chunk of time in Latin America. It’s also really important to me that I explore Canada, my home country. It’s a beautiful and diverse place that I recommend to everyone!

I grew up on the west coast of Canada, lived on the east coast for 7 years and now I’m in the middle (ish). I’m currently in the middle of my PhD in Calgary, Canada but I try to get out into the world whenever possible. Travel and photography is a passion of mine and a great creative outlet when I need a break from the realities of science.

About Peripheral Images…

I’ve been lucky enough to have discovered the joy of traveling and the beauty in experiencing new cultures and places. I’m inspired by rustic landscapes as well as old, decaying buildings. I can’t get enough of Latin America, which you may notice is heavily featured in my shop. I also enjoy the natural beauty of Canada and the quirky small towns of America.

Although I’m scientifically minded, there is definitely not a lot of science involved in my photography; I rely mostly on instinct and feeling, which works out every once in a while! I’m drawn more to the unconventional images, but of course, a beautiful shot is a beautiful shot and I’ll never deny it a spot in my library.

I started Peripheral Images because I wanted to share my photography with like-minded people around the world. I take pride in my work, which is why my photos are printed on the finest paper, using the high-quality inks, resulting in beautiful museum quality prints.